Evelyn Badia

Hi there. Thanks for stopping by.


I’m a provider, user and mentor in the sharing economy.  I am a SuperHost in home sharing.  I have hosted over 400 people in my home since 2010.  Yes, I’m an active host, you can view my listings and amazing reviews at EvelandBnB.com.

Yes, I have dealt with missing guests, a broken door, two hurricanes and the never-ending laundry. I’ve been rewarded by getting to know the amazing people that have come to my home.  Yes, I still do all the cleaning!  

I’ve been a guide to many sharing newcomers, as a leader in the online community.


Are you here because you’re wondering about the sharing, peer-to-peer, collaborative, gig, or whichever latest name they call this new economy?  You probably heard about Airbnb, Lyft, Uber, DogVacay, TaskRabbit, and many other platforms. Are you either thinking about doing this or know someone who knows someone that is making mucho dinero with it?  Are you wondering,“Can I do this, too?”

But you have questions, many questions, if you plan to share your home or your vehicle or your skill.  For home sharing, your questions may be as simple as:

  • Do I provide breakfast?
  • What kind of sheets should I buy?
  • How many towels will I need?
  • What happens if a dog damages my couch?
  • Or questions like what to do about a bad review, a difficult guest or a hurricane coming,  

There are no stupid questions!

I will have answers to your questions. And if I don’t have the answer, I know a guy who has a cousin whose neighbor has the answer. In a nutshell, I make things happen.



This site is for the person who wants to make it in the sharing economy.  You have an extra bedroom, you travel a lot for work, have extra time on your hands, have a bike, like dogs or you’re handy.  It doesn’t have to be all, just pick one or two.

I’m not giving advice to the property owners of 10 listings who want to create an empire. That’s great, but that’s not me or you. You want extra income or a new source of income. Try this out, and see if you like it. Maybe you want to go back to school or you just like helping out and want to expand your world. Know that your vacation, your mortgage, your dreams are being funded.


1- I have told my story to the NY State legislature and the press on behalf of the sharing economy, something I never imagined I would do.

2- I am currently engaged in a war with squirrels. In Brooklyn, they have unionized. They won the corn battle of 2009, but I am still fighting. 

3- I love hanging out with my friends’ kids because it gives me an excuse to watch films and read YA books.  Can we talk about Divergent and the third being a not so great book?

4- I did my first triathlon as my 45th birthday gift to myself.  I swam in the Hudson River, biked on the West Side Highway, and ran in Central Park. Yes, I walked the run, but whatever. My goals were simple - don’t die, finish, and don’t be last. I met them all.

5- Weddings, graduations, adoptions, funerals, newborns - I have hosted them all and more.

6- I came to NY at 15 and didn’t know any English.  That’s my excuse for bad grammar, typos and anything to do with language.  Remind me to tell you the Pizzeria story.

7- I lost my hearing on my right side in 2009. It happens. If you want to tell me sweet nothings, come to the left side.

8- I have shared meals prepared by my guests. Some of my guests have even built furniture for me. If you are staying with me, be prepared for a friendly host.

9- I have aren’t-they-amazing, OMFG, non-romantic crushes on Marie Forleo and my swim coach, Jacqueline Lakes.