Airbnb Tip: Your Perfect Guest

Who is you best Airbnb guest? Who? A repeat guest, that’s who. The guest who’s experienced the amazing hospitality you provide. They know your home and already know your house rules. The guest who’s so comfortable in your home they feel it’s theirs… Sort of ;) They love your home enough to keep returning and you in turn feel the same.

Guests that have family or friends near your home are great! I happen to love recent grandparents! They’re so excited getting up early in the morning, trotting over to spend time with their happy new grandchild, and oh so thrilled running back in the evening, when that same happy grandchild is now whaling away! Happy NOT to be sleeping on their kids sofa but quietly sleeping on their very own bed. Now that’s, “Baby Love”! Make sure you create an amazing experience for them (everyone) to return to your home every year. No matter what’s the occasion.

Posted on February 22, 2016 .