Learn how to deal with the non-ideal Airbnb guest without

creating enemies, crying tears of frustration, or going to jail in this

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The bedroom is flawless. You can see your reflection on your kitchen floor.

Your linens are ironed (if you do that), and your towels have that fresh spring scent.

Now, it’s all about the guest.

  • What do you do if your guest’s Airbnb profile has little insight and the inquiry sent is one word: “available?”

  • What to do when guests have stationed themselves in your living room and you work from home?

  • What if they’ve rubbed you the wrong way and now you have to see them every morning on the way to the bathroom?

Let’s chat on how to handle those non-ideal guests in this online class,

where I will discuss:




What to do when:

  • A guests asks to go outside the Airbnb site.

  • A guests asks for a discount.

  • Your gut screams "they're not a good fit!"



You accept the reservation and you're happy to welcome your guest when they: 

  • Show up with extra guests, not in the reservation.

  • Break your house rules (i.e., they smoke).

  • Never leave your home.



Your guest finally checked-out, and it’s review time.

  • Do you write an honest review?

  • Do you not review them at all?

  • Do you tell the world everything your Airbnb guest did wrong?

I want you to be ready on how to deal with the NOT amazing guests. 

You love your guests,

but it’s ok to admit that sometimes you love to see them go!


But why should you listen to me?

I’m Evelyn Badia, and I have been a successful Airbnb Superhost since 2010. I have hosted 100’s of guests in my home. I have done more than my share of laundry and renovations, and I pay ALL my New York bills with just two listings.



I gross six figures a year with only two listings and get amazing reviews, including the following:


I had the honor to be one of the Host Educators at the 2015 Airbnb Open Conference in Paris, a class watched by thousands.


I been teaching hosts how to create a profitable Airbnb for just under two years. I offer guidance and tangible assistance with monthly webinars and products, like: The House Manual Templates:

“Wow! Your templates for the HouseManual are so clean and professional looking, plus they cover all information a guest might need. Thank you so much for making these available, totally worth every penny! Love it!”
— Judalon Host: airbnb.com/rooms/197223
“Thank you Evelyn Badia!
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Thank you!”
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