Create and customize your very own House Manual

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Listing set-up? Check.

New linens? Check.

House Manual? 

I get it. You didn’t have time to set up your “House Manual.” After all, you were out buying new sheets, nice towels, and even fluffy toilet paper, but  you’ve worked too hard and set your space up too nicely to hand them over a set of keys and your “college dorm menu bag,” Right?

Don’t worry! I’ve got you covered.
Say goodbye to that dorm bag and HELLO to your
“NEW House Manual.”



Your Home

Mi castle, su castle

  • House Rules.
  • Emergency info. 
  • ome info (TV, remotes, appliances, AC/Heater, etc).


Your Neighborhood 

Let your neighborhood belong to your guests

  • Restaurants with those amazing dishes.
  • That fantastic bakery that makes great “special occasion” cake.
  • The mom and pop cafe that will learn their names.


Your City 

Only YOU know your city when it comes to "out of towners" visiting.

  • The gems of your city.
  • Non tourist places.
  • Personalized itineraries.


Two extra seconds will have guests calling your House Manual, “better than a travel book”, like my dear guest, Georgina:


But why should you listen to me?

I’m Evelyn Badia, and I have been a successful Airbnb Superhost since 2010. I have hosted 100’s of guests in my home. I have done more than my share of housekeeping, laundry and renovations, and make enough income with my two listing to pay ALL my New York bills and enjoy a bit of life.



I gross six figures a year with only two listings and get amazing reviews, including the following. 


I had the honor to be one of the Host Educators at the 2015 Airbnb Open Conference in Paris and again in 2016 in Los Angeles.



I have been teaching hosts how to create a profitable Airbnb for since 2014. I offer guidance and tangible assistance with monthly webinars and products like The House Manual Templates and challenges like the "Spring Clean Your Airbnb Challenge."

“Wow! Your templates for the HouseManual are so clean and professional looking, plus they cover all information a guest might need. Thank you so much for making these available, totally worth every penny! Love it!”
— Judalon Host:
“Thank you Evelyn Badia!
Just received my first inquiry/request from Trip Advisor which I listed with during the Spring Challenge! $750 I would never have received with out the kick from the Challenge.
Thank you!”
— Susan Host:


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