The House Manual


A set of templates designed to help any new or experienced Airbnb host create a beautiful and comprehensive guide for their listing.

The House Manual allows you to live your life, instead of spending your time answering your guests’ questions over and over again.


Customize your House Manual to your listing.

Customize your House Manual to your listing.

You are now an Airbnb host, and you love it! 

But honestly, who wants to be “a host” 24/7?
Who has the time to answer the same questions, guest after guest.

Why a House Manual? 



The House Manual Templates to the rescue!

What you'll get with The House Manual Template:

  • The House Manual: Designed for you to just fill out the information, save, and print it.

  • Includes:

    • Essential House Manual Template

    • Neighborhood Template

    • Transportation Template

  • Instructions for creating your House Manual, with a set of guiding questions about your hosting style, including questions about:

    • Your house rules: What to consider, and what to write

    • Emergency information: What information to provide

    • Check Out Procedures:

    • And much more!

  • Fully adaptable to your listing and location.

  • Three formats included in every template: Powerpoint, Word, and Keynote.

  • Multiple Themes: Select from Beach, Mountains, Snow, or major cities as the backdrop for your House Manual, or upload your own images

All this for a one time payment of $39


“Wow! Your templates for the House Manual are so clean and professional looking, plus they cover all the information a guest might need. Thank you so much for making these available, totally worth every penny! Love it!”
— Judalon Host:


Six Years in the Making!

I created a professional, easy to use House Manual that helps you answer all your guests’s questions… and then some . The House Manual includes all of my hosting tips and tools learned over my six years as a host, and places them at your fingertips. This user-friendly House Manual will be your Hosting Assistant; you can rely on the House Manual to be your voice.



The proof is in the reviews!

My guests mention my House Manual in most of my reviews.




Spend less time answering questions...


Host Time BHM (Before House Manual)

Host Time AHM (After House Manual)


My team and I created a beautiful, user-friendly template that you can pick up,
add your own touches to, and begin using right away.

Save it, print it and place it in a binder.

Create multiple copies for your guests, or email it in advance as a welcome packet.


$39 = Peace of Mind