Wealth with Airbnb

Imagine if we treated our Airbnb businesses just like that, businesses? If we became savvy about our financial strategies while never sacrificing our dedication to hospitality?

Can you imagine?

Well, imagine, no more. We are pleased to invite you to our inaugural conference,


*Not an Airbnb Sponsored Event.

The Wealth of Hosting:
A financial and hosting strategy for your Vacation Rental


"The Wealth of Hosting: A Financial and Hosting Strategy for your Vacation Rental" is a workshop for hosts that combines the art of hospitality with mastery of the best strategies for creating the most profit in the home sharing economy.

We will share with you our step by step, comprehensive strategies for how to create wealth by hosting. We will be laying out our combined years of host research and success to help you create a financial and hands-on strategy that will benefit your business and positively impact your wealth.

Easy to follow instructions will demonstrate the money making possibilities for ALL hosts. Whether you are a Long-term, Short-term, Full-time, or Part-time host, "The Wealth of Hosting" is ALL about bringing you a financial and hosting strategy that works... for YOU.   

We are also including a bonus segment on the NEW law and how it will affect or improve your business

Join our inaugural conference

The Wealth of Hosting:
A Financial and Hosting Strategy for your Airbnb

 And let’s talk the dirty language of money.

Early bird admission $49

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Early bird catches the worm!

General admission $69

And you get TAX DEDUCTION!

*Not an Airbnb Sponsored Event.


Who are we?

It’s like that old adage; opposites attract. That’s us in a nutshell. We’re the balanced yin and yang, you-complete-me, I-complete-you couple. We’re east coast meets west coast, spreadsheet meets bed sheet, or just good ol’ chicken soup. One grabs her apron, the other grabs her google docs. Tea and coffee. You get the picture. When we met at the Airbnb Open in Paris, it was kismet and a “but of course” we’re partnering. Two opposite peas in a pod!

So, over frittas and good strong coffee in Evelyn’s Brooklyn home, Hosts for Hosts was created - a team of dedicated hosts creating instructional workshops and conferences, specifically geared for the growing hosting community. Over pedicures and blowouts (yes, that’s what we do with our extra Airbnb cash), our first workshop was born. Evelyn said, “Let’s talk about money!” And Tammi said, “Let’s talk about hospitality!” And so it is.


“The Wealth of Hosting:
A financial and hosting strategy for your Airbnb”




You’re about to start your Airbnb “business” and don’t know what is truly required.

  • Do you need the 600 count Ralph Lauren sheets?

  • Fresh Flowers every time a guest arrives?

  • Martha Stewart towels?

Let’s talk about those starting costs, what to get, and what will give you the biggest bank for your buck.


We will discuss the monthly expenses we forget to remember.

  • Utilities, rent, cleaning supplies

  • Recurring expenses, such as toiletries and repairs.

  • Paying taxes! Surprise!


After six years as an Airbnb host, I know my house budget. I know how to budget my finances during the high season to get me through the low season. You’ll learn how to avoid overextending on credit cards, breaking the piggy bank, or worse, calling the parents.


Are you calculating the time involved to host?

  • Setting up the space

  • Answering emails and guests questions

  • Cleaning and laundry


If you’re NOT including your time in your budget, you’re NOT getting paid.

You WANT to get paid.


We have Special Guest Speaker Carol Copeland, a professional property manager, who will be discussing “How To Truly Create A Passive Income With Airbnb” because sometimes you want added freedom to enjoy your family and career.


We know of what we speak of!


When Evelyn takes the mic even Airbnb co-founder, Brian Chesky, listens! Or Evelyn taking the mic !

When Evelyn takes the mic even Airbnb co-founder, Brian Chesky, listens! Or Evelyn taking the mic !

I'm Evelyn Badia, and I have been a successful Airbnb Superhost since 2010.

I have hosted 100’s of guests in my home. I have done more than my share of laundry and renovations, and I pay ALL my New York bills with just two listings.


I gross six figures a year with only two listings and get amazing reviews, including the following:

I had the honor to be one of the Host Educators at the 2015 Airbnb Open Conference in Paris, a class watched by thousands.

I was invited once again to Host Educate at the 2016 Airbnb Open in Los Angeles. Come and check out my class. I’d love to meet you ALL!




I been teaching hosts how to create a profitable Airbnb for just under two years. I offer guidance and tangible assistance with monthly webinars and products, like: The House Manual Template

“Wow! Your templates for the HouseManual are so clean and professional looking, plus they cover all information a guest might need. Thank you so much for making these available, totally worth every penny! Love it!”
— Judalon's Airbnb Listing: airbnb.com/rooms/197223
“Thank you Evelyn Badia!
Just received my first inquiry/request from Trip Advisor which I listed with during the Spring Challenge! $750 I would never have received with out the kick from the Challenge.
Thank you!”
— Susan's Airbnb Listing: airbnb.com/rooms/4347887

While Tammi Sims has been immersed in the vacation rental industry taking the world of Remote Hosting, hospitality and effortless turnovers to a new level.


From the time she welcomed her first guests, Tammi was instantly hooked on the world of hospitality and vacation rentals. She has since been immersed in the industry, quickly earning SuperHost status and becoming a presenter nationally and internationally for Airbnb, HomeAway, and specialty vacation rental conferences.  She’s taking the world of remote hosting, hospitality, and effortless turnovers to a new level.


She splits her time between her role as Head of Community for Properly, an on-demand house cleaning app, managing the 2 vacation rentals she shares with her life partner Alex, and running A Gracious Host and The Remote SuperHost, all endeavors that are directed at making hosting easier for vacation rental owners and offering the best experience for guests.

Tammi and Alex were Host Educators at the Airbnb Open in Paris in 2015 and have been invited back to be keynote speakers at the 2016 Open.

Airbnb is like any other business!

Let us show you how to make your Airbnb business a FINANCIAL SUCCESS!


Early birds $49

Limited tickets available at this price!

General Admission $69



Let’s get your Airbnb business to the next level.