Pick my brain...

Your first guest is about to arrive or your your 10th guest just check out. But you wonder...

  • Photos - Am I using the best one? Is it too many? Do I need to show the cat?

  • Description - is it too short or a novel?

  • House rules - You think your house rules are clear, but why does your guest never follow them?

  • Guide book - It’s a junk drawer stuffed with menus and tourist attractions.

Let me help you…

  • Your photos are the first things your guest will notice. Lets select the best.

  • The photo captions are a great way to let them know about your amazing home. Let's use those captions to your advantage.

  • The reviews provide great information to help create an engaging description and headline. Don't have reviews, don't worry.

  • Your house rules will let your guest know what's allow. Let's work on them together.

  • Don’t worry about the guidebook. I'll provide you with my talked about "guidebook" template. See why my guests always mention my guidebook on their reviews. There is no need to struggle, just type in your information.

That and much more. I could talk about Airbnb until the cows come home or my next guest.

Come and pick my brain. Get over 5 years of hosting experience at your fingertips.

Welcome your guests with confidence and ease.  


Evelyn became my mentor and guide on so many issues.
— Marie L.
Evelyn gave me invaluable tips on staying organized, communicating effectively with guests, and even on how much to charge.
— by Caroline F.
Evelyn pointed out that I needn’t say yes to anyone who didn’t look like a good fit based on their profile.
— by Genny K.