Press Room

When the NY Attorney General subpoena Airbnb for all the NY hosts data, I stepped up and started talking to the press about the sharing economy.  Below are some articles.

"Ms. Badia is an eloquent if unpaid advocate for Airbnb and the sharing economy"

Airbnb Takes to the Barricades

NY TIMES - April 29, 2014

"The good, the bad, and the ugly and then the naked ones."

Dept. of Hospitality - Staycation

The New Yorker - January 20, 2014



Peers Print Ad - Spring 2014

"The threats to Airbnb and the sharing economy have spurred us to action."

How Airbnb Saved my House

NY Post - December 8th 2013

"Evelyn Badia represents the good side of Airbnb."

Could the party soon be over for Airbnb?

NPR -  December 6th, 2013



Airbnb Hurricane Sandy Story
Telemundo interview May 2014
German TV interview May 2014