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Yes, even that negative review.

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Reviews: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Make Them Work for You

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First introduced at the 2015 Paris Airbnb Open,

and now updated for 2016!



The guest wrote: “The bed was too hard, the pillow too soft, and the breakfast too little.”

You’re devastated.

  • Do you answer the review?

  • Will Airbnb delete it (after all, it is a bunch of lies)?

  • Will it go away if you hide under the covers?

Let me teach you when and how to respond to a negative review,

when it’s appropriate to contact Airbnb,

and when it’s best to just let it go.

Better yet, let me teach you how that negative review can improve your listing.



The guest broke every house rule, from smoking to bringing strangers over.

  • Do you review them honestly?

  • What if the guest was just...blah? Can you say you didn’t like them

  • Do you NEED to review every guest?

Let’s talk about what to say in ALL your reviews.

The guests you love to see and the ones you love to see go.


Your guest writes a sonnet about their comfortable sleep, the majestic views, and your powers as the perfect Superhost.

  • Will anyone see it?

  • Does that review disappear after a few more guests post theirs?

  • How do you maximize those reviews?

Let that great review work for you!

I will teach you how ALL guest reviews can generate you future bookings.


But why should you listen to me?

I’m Evelyn Badia, and I have been a successful Airbnb Superhost since 2010. I have hosted 100’s of guests in my home. I have done more than my share of laundry and renovations, and I pay ALL my New York bills with just two listings.


Sharing my story to hosts with Brian Chesky (Airbnb founder) liking it!

Sharing my story to hosts with Brian Chesky (Airbnb founder) liking it!


I gross six figures a year with only two listings and get amazing reviews, including the following:


I have been teaching hosts how to create a profitable Airbnb for two years. I offer guidance and tangible assistance with monthly webinars and products, like: The House Manual Templates:

“Wow! Your templates for the HouseManual are so clean and professional looking, plus they cover all information a guest might need. Thank you so much for making these available, totally worth every penny! Love it!”
— Judalon Host:
“Thank you Evelyn Badia!
Just received my first inquiry/request from Trip Advisor which I listed with during the Spring Challenge! $750 I would never have received with out the kick from the Challenge.
Thank you!”
— Susan Host:

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Stay until the end where I do Lighting Fast Reviews of your Listing.  

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Let’s take your Airbnb business to the next level.